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Red lentils are the legumes with the highest protein content.
Dehulling, that is to say the process of removing seed skins that characterises most of the red lentils on sale, makes them especially digestible and suitable for making flour.

A high content of proteins, as well as fibres, calcium, iron and magnesium, is a distinctive feature of amaranth seeds, making them a staple food in the diet of populations in central America or southern and eastern Africa.

Maize flour is part of Italian traditional cuisine; it is rich in starch and naturally gluten-free. The starch content in maize makes it highly digestible and quickly absorbed. It has a high protein and low fat content. Finely ground maize flour is widely used for polenta, as well as flans, crèpes, pasta, desserts and many other culinary products.

Bean flour is naturally gluten-free and rich in proteins. This is why it is widely used in many diets to increase the protein intake. It can be used for soups, purées, but also for mashed dishes. It is also a bread-making ingredient, often mixed with other types of flour to give dishes a distinctive flavour.

Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant originally from central Asia that has been cultivated since antiquity. It was brought to Italy in the 15th century. Buckwheat is often classified as cereal, although it is not part of the Graminaceous family. Due to its nutritional properties it is used in a variety of traditional recipes.

Inulin is a soluble food fibre found in many vegetables; chicory is the vegetable with the highest amount of this element. Inulin is not digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract and reaches the colon intact, contributing to the balance of bacterial gut flora.

Traditionally grown as far back as 2500 years ago ibn China, where they were also used in traditional medicine, tday chickpeas are among the most widespread legumes worldwide. Their beneficial effects, just like other legumes, are probably associated with their starch and fibre content.

Flours made with barley and oats are rich in soluble fibres and complex carbohydrates. They are regarded as a good alternative to traditional wheat flour for anyone wishing to vary their diet using cereals from several grain types. They are an ingredient from a large number of tasty recipes, from breakfast to dinner dishes.

Chia is an annual herbaceous plant, originally from Latin America; its seeds are characterised by a remarkable content of alfa-linolenic acid – plant-based omega-3 – accounting for approximately 60% of their total fatty acids. These seeds are part of traditional diets, including the Mediterranean diet, also due to their beneficial effects on health.

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